5 rue de Nemours 75011 Paris France
T+33 (0)1 84 16 48 10
Ground Floor 71 York St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
T+61 (0) 480 039 711


For press, media and publication enquires, please contact:


For job applications, please contact:

Ability to work in a team
Capacity to take responsibility
Excellent skills in Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe, Office
At least 3 years of experience
Construction site experience is appreciated



Please address your CV and portfolio, not bigger than 10 MB
Please mention the role and the phase of project you worked in
A copy of certification of BIM formation to be attached




MOREAU KUSUNOKI is looking for interns this autumn and winter.

For intern applications, please contact:

Available for a period of 6 months
University agreement (convention de stage) is required to do an internship
Fluency in English required; French and Japanese are an asset
Excellent knowledge of AutoCAD, Rhino, InDesign and Photoshop
Knowledge of Revit is appreciated
Good graphic and model-making skills
Ability for independent work and work in a team
Conditions and remuneration follow the official provisions for architecture internships as stated on the French public service website



Please address your CV and portfolio not bigger than 10 MB
Please clearly indicate your availabilities for an internship in your email